Final Results

Here are the final results. Whether you conquered or crawled in, you should be proud of yourselves for accomplishing something that fewer than 1,000 people in the world do each year.

Race Recap #2

Hi again. Hope you are still reflecting on a good race experience Saturday and looking forward to June 29 or another race this spring. Just wrapping up a few loose ends…

We’ve created a photo gallery on the race site with 70 hand-picked photos from Michael Smith and team as well as from EAI’s heli-cam. You should have received an email if you were captured in a photo. If not, you can find a ton of additional race photos on the Smith Technology Group site. We allow Michael access to emails only for alerting you to a photo of you for viewing or purchase. Photos taken from the Heli-cam are from EAI LLC.

Survey Results
Thanks to those of you who gave us a piece of your mind about the race. Here’s the survey summary if you are curious. Out of 72 surveyed, 56 of you rated your overall race experience as very good, 15 rated it good, and 1 rated it average, for a thumbs up of 99%. Thanks! The vast majority of you loved the shuttle twist and strategy, even if you decided not to take it. Most loved exploring new terrain, the challenge of running in deep snow (badasses) and trying new things like snowshoeing and fatbiking. Other improvements we hope to make next time or answers to “What were they thinking?” are listed at the end of this email for those interested.

Lost and Found, Prizes at Gazelle

Please go to Gazelle Sports GR if you lost an item (various traction items, compass, mitten, Smartwool sock; see Cburg if you lost a phone or wallet as those were left there). Also visit Gazelle if you need to pick up a prize (top finisher, Hula Hurl throw, Get Fitted raffle winners).


We have 14 mediums, 1 large, and 4 extra larges left. Email me if you are interested. $10. Mail me a check and I’ll leave your shirt at any of the Gazelle Sports stores.

Bumper Magnet 

We’ll have these available for purchase ($4) at each race. Please note that while they are bumper-strength, they may not be car wash-strength. Hey, we’ll sell you one after each car wash, but we’d rather not.

Thanks again and we hope to see you at Hurt the Dirt or the Summer Edition (registration to open very soon). We also went live with our Dirty Duel trail race site yesterday if you are curious (formerly the Red Bull Trail Daze). Full race calendar here.


Additional Survey Feedback and Responses

  • Survival Sequence: Here is the expert survivalist’s rationale for the order of importance of the items. Many of you said you ignored the items altogether and just used process of elimination to get the sequence right (either writing “2″ down for every item or numbering each column one off from the column before). That was the fastest way to conquer the challenge – less than five minutes in tests. The location of the challenge was unfortunate as we did not factor in the lack of sun there. Sorry!
  • Snowshoes: the lack of snowshoes and/or length of course were frustrating to some. Next year we will plan to move the course to an area with more powder and shorten it and/or get more snowshoes to reduce lines. If we can’t get more shoes, we won’t do the challenge.
  • Fatbikes: Next year we will try to use snowmobiles to pack down a course in the woods but the timing is very difficult when huge snowstorms hit right before the race. We need to get enough bikes so each teammate can ride, that is for certain. Maybe some more of you will own one by then (good deals at West MI Bike and Central District Cyclery). Maybe that would have worked with the short course this year but we didn’t convey the change to volunteers in time.
  • Tubing. Longer! Well, if you were one of those who experienced the fairly dangerous tubing run last year (lowered mid-race), you know why Cannonsburg shortened it. Maybe next year we can do something in between the two, but it’s Cannonsburg’s call more than ours since they build it.
  • More challenges! Challenges take a lot of work, require many volunteers, and we would rather do six good ones than ten corny ones (e.g., eating gross foods, riding Big Wheels, etc.). We will consider asking you for ideas although we like to keep them as much a surprise as possible (except we do reveal some of the winter challenges so people know they don’t have to ski or snowboard).
  • Checkpoint 14: CP14 was clearly marked on the map on the north side of the stream. You need to go by the circle (the center of it to be exact), not the number.
  • Townsend was too linear which created lines. CPs 1-7 were naturally linear. And I wanted to make the first few CPs easy since you had very little time with the map. What I forgot to do was hang 6-8 punches at those first CPs to shorten the wait. D’oh.
  • Co-ed and female teams had an advantage from the later start. Yes they did. But even though the women are capable of breaking trail for you guys, would you want them to?

Race Recap #1

We are impressed. First, that you showed up. Second, that you crushed it. And third, that you did it with a smile, despite some of the toughest running conditions any racer will face in 2013.

Thanks also to:

  • All the volunteers, including West Michigan Mountain Bike Alliance. Weren’t all the volunteers great? We certainly couldn’t pull off this race without them.
  • The sponsors for their support of this race in many ways. If you buy from them, tell them if their sponsorship influenced your decision.
  • Our host, Cannonsburg Ski Area. It’s great to have their support each year.

As usual, we would greatly appreciate it if you would complete our 4-minute survey. This survey helps us improve our races and plan for the future.

To come via facebook, email, Jack Kunnen Photography and/or Michael Smith/Smith Tech Photography. Michael’s photos – of many of you – are available for purchase. Check your email.

More sponsor offers/links
Gazelle Sports – $5 gift certificate for anything. No minimum purchase.
Tubbs Snowshoes — Get them at Bill & Paul’s, a longtime sponsor of our races.
Alger Bikes - Although technically not a sponsor, Alger provided two fatbikes. Special for racers: 20% all parts, accessories and clothing purchased on the website. Excludes sale/closeout and fitness equipment. Web Only Promo Code: adventure20. Expires 2/15.

Thanks again for racing!

Mark, for Greg, Matt and Brian

Upcoming Races
Hurt the Dirt trail race

  • Luton Park, one of the best trails in the state; first race ever to take place at Luton
  • April 27 (perfect tune up for RiverBank and trails will make you better)
  • 10K, Half, Marathon
  • Title sponsor: Patagonia Footwear

Grand Rapids Urban Adventure Race: Summer Edition

  • Rockford, including river canoeing and some of the best mountain biking in the state (but not too technical)
  • June 29

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