Congratulations to all of you for finishing such a tough race! Here are the official results.





Survey Results

Common comments from survey and our thoughts/ways we may address.

  • inability of teams to race all three sections due to time constraint (we aim to make it easier than this one was but it’s very difficult to know how hard it will be – we know where everything is!; tip: skip all advanced/distant points if you are behind schedule.)
  • water toss was too difficult (the secret was to “push” a smaller amount of water – it releases in chunks that way)
  • too long of a run to get to the fun stuff (just the way the course set up, but we will keep in mind)
  • run at the start was unnecessary (we thought it would be needed to reduce chaos at the canoe start but very few people started with canoe)
  • move charity challenge closer to start/finish so all teams can participate (yep; good idea)
  • pizza’s not my favorite (hard to please all there; many of you loved it and it;s half the price of sandwiches so it keeps entry fees low; we thought the fruit was a nice add. Feel free to bring your own lunch)
  • more checkpoints on canoe leg (yep, look for more on the Summer leg but keep in mind that canoe legs never have as many CPs since the terrain is less varied).
  • prefer urban setting, too much swamp (many of you loved this venue, some hated it; we aim to mix it up and give you variety. Summer 4-hour race will be more urban; 8-hour race will be mixed. ArtPrize will be mostly or all urban).


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